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As business evolves in response to new economic and technological opportunities, so too does Dew Softech. Dew Softech offers a full range of globally available professional services to meet client demands. State-of-the-art knowledge management technologies allow our people to share their collective knowledge and expertise and provide global service solutions to global clients.

We have the breadth of services and technical savvy to help our clients conceive, execute and support integrated solutions from browser portal all the way through to their core enterprise and legacy systems.

Our consultant teams and service professionals have proven experience in the range of technologies embodied in these lifeline solutions - from Internet, to business process solutions, based on ERP applications suites like SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and Baan. Dew Softech’s consulting division services large and small corporations to fulfill their information technology needs.

Our success is dependent upon the results that we deliver. As a matter of policy our mission is to consistently exceed client expectations, not just meet them. We listen to our client's problems very carefully and address them as if they are our own. We are extremely sensitive to cost pressures facing our clients and look for creative ways to reduce costs without compromising the high quality of support.

In Today’s Fluid Economy

No one company has a corner on all the talent available. Let Dew Softech network widen your reach and accelerate the process of sourcing the right candidates. Skills to do the job, motivation, and a fit for your work environment are critical to success. We know how to screen and assess a person’s hard and soft skills enabling you to select the best match.