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We undertake various offshore projects for clients in US at our new offshore development facility Vishakapatnam, India. Using high-speed links and secure networks, our consultants can reach worldwide customers. We deliver customer focused development and maintenance solutions on a variety of software platforms. We specialize in building and assembling the team for your consulting needs.

The offshore development gives a cost advantage to the tune of 40% to 50% when compared to on-site development. These savings come from
  1. Significantly lower billing rates
  2. Almost zero out of pocket expenses on consultants (travel, lodging, boarding etc.)
  3. Reduced office space.
  4. Reduced hardware requirements like computers, server capacity etc.
We offer
  1. Client/Server Application Development
  2. Internet/Intranet Application Development
  3. E-Commerce Solutions
  4. ERP Solutions
  5. Code Optimization and Tuning
  6. Application Testing
  7. Product Development
  8. Web Design and support
  9. Software Maintenance
  10. Research and Development

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