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As competitive pressure continues to build within the healthcare industry, DEW Softech can help you realize the potential for administrative and medical cost savings, increased patient satisfaction and more streamlined business processes through a well-thought-out e-Health initiative.

DEW Softech's Health Care Services consulting includes :
  1. Human Resources
    A hospital will have many people working for it. The details of all the employees and their pay structure are can be recorded. DEW Softech's solutions takes care of the staff roll maintenance, salaries, perks, deductions, bonuses, day to day operations of the staff etc.

  2. Financial Accounting
    Proper maintenance of the accounting system is vital for the financial health of an organization. Reports like trial balance, balance sheet and profit and loss statement can be generated

  3. Material Management
    Material Management System ensures effective Management of Inventory, Automation of Purchase Functions and Stores Functions, Handles Multiple Stores and Stock Transfer. This Reduces Inventory Costs and ensures availability.

  4. Medical Transcription Services
    In today's healthcare industry, outsourcing has become the most efficient and cost effective tool to manage many of the services requred for complete medical care. DEW Softech through it's partners provide Medical transcription services to medical community in United States Of America.

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