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Organizations are undergoing a major transformation in the fast-changing utility marketplace - driven by forces such as deregulation, consolidation, rise of information technology, and breakdown of traditional industry barriers. Intensifying competition is driving investments in technology, as organizations realize the importance of technology to create and sustain a competitive position.

With the expertise in software technology, DEW Softech offers custom-built software that meets business needs and expectations. DEW Softech extends its services in prime areas of the Utilities segment for better operations and convenience.

Better control, efficiency, performance, and minimizing the IT expenditure in Utility companies need Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. DEW Softech gives cost-effective implementation support through packages like: SAP, BaaN and Oracle Applications.

DEW Softech can also help utilities maximize the business value delivered by their application portfolio comprising legacy applications, custom-built solutions, industry-standard packages, and e-business systems. DEW Softech’s services such as application maintenance, reengineering system implementation, and development enable companies to sustain core systems and move them to new technologies.

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