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Faster customer service, greater product diversity, shorter product life cycles and globalization have all dramatically increased the complexity of running a business. Many companies are implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to attain more efficient intra-enterprise transactions and a single data model. However, ERP systems alone do not deliver what many companies need to survive and thrive in today's marketplace: a more efficient and responsive supply chain is the need of the hour.

Why SCM ?

To meet growth objectives, businesses are expanding into global markets, requiring the ability to manage the manufacturing and distribution of products not only locally and/or regionally, but also on a global basis.

Increasingly, transactions such as purchase orders that coordinate the flow of physical goods are being processed electronically, with the goal of achieving full automation. The focus today is on creating value through personalized and customized offerings targeted to individual consumers rather than "one size fits all" Supply chains have been very rigid and inefficient. To meet today's requirements, they are being streamlined and configured to be more flexible. To compete effectively, companies are moving from a closed, internal planning process to a collaborative effort between divisions as well as with trading partners. To survive and succeed in today's market companies must continue to focus on improving customer satisfaction, decreasing overall cost structures, and developing and maintaining a competitive advantage.

DEW Softech’s SCM solutions include
  1. Re-engineering demand management, order fulfillment and procurement processes.
  2. Re-engineering warehouse management & Transportation management processes.
  3. Communication and exchange of documents amongst trading communities.
  4. Integration with customer’s backend ERP and financial systems.
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