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Companies today require business solutions that integrate e-commerce and other emerging technologies with existing back-office and legacy systems. DEW Softech’s experience and expertise across both, allow clients a single source for completely integrated enterprise-wide solutions, to help minimize investment in technology products, skills, tools, and infrastructure needed to continuously enhance and maintain enterprise solution portfolios. DEW Softech develops and implements integrated enterprise solutions that optimize existing systems while ensuring that clients use emerging technologies to maximize the business advantage from the Internet and developments in technology/communication.

DEW Softech’s Enterprise Application Integration solutions include:
  1. ERP Integration: ERP applications are often seen as an effective route to business integration. However, a lot of ERP implementations have been inward focused - that is emphasizing cost reductions, technology and process improvements versus customers and suppliers. Hence, there is a shift away from reliance on a single enterprise application toward the integration of best of breed applications provided by different vendors. The challenge is in how to do it most effectively.
  2. CRM Integration: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions help to consolidate all customer data so that a unified view of customers is obtained. Customer information, which exists in various systems, can be captured through different business processes, touch points and channels. It is imperative that all these systems are integrated and E.A.I plays a very key role is achieving this objective.
  3. Supply Chain Integration:The key to an effective supply chain is tight integration of the different businesses that make it up. Distributors, retailers, producers, shippers etc all need accurate information. The IT systems that they use are not uniform and are not designed to work together. Integrating these systems is vital to reducing costs and improving turnaround.
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