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DEW Softech provides business consulting and software services to help organizations manage their customers better, through smarter use of Information Technology.

With increased information dissemination, and increasing competition, today's customers have rising expectations on speed, service and quality. It is now becoming even more crucial for companies to build capabilities to understand their customers, and efficiently deliver the personalized customer experience that will be key to strengthening customer loyalty.

DEW Softech develops and implements Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that help clients sell to, market to and service customers across multiple channels, including the Web, call centers, field, resellers, retail and dealer networks. These solutions help clients to gain a broad, consistent perspective of their customers across their sales, marketing and service departments, and track products in the pipeline and respond to real-time customer needs. Our solutions are scalable, to accommodate long-term customer growth.

Our areas of expertise in this field are

Sales Force Automation
  1. Sales Planning
  2. Sales Process Re-engineering
  3. Sales Force Compensation Design
  4. Sales Productivity
Marketing Automation
  1. Customer Retention
  2. Database Marketing
  3. Campaign Management
  1. Logistics
  2. Order Processing Systems
  3. Billing Systems
  4. Dispatching Systems
  5. Collection
Customer Support & Service
  1. Complaints Handling System
  2. Customer Queries Handling System
  3. Repair & Returns Handling System
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