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Agility in a dynamic market and the capability to deliver quality cost-effective products increasingly determine the success of manufacturing and process industries the world over.

Effectively managing the flow of information across key operational interfaces: supplier-procurement, raw material-production, operations-maintenance, product-distribution, retail-customer is the key to managing a successful transformation to address the needs of today's marketplace.

DEW Softech has provided extensive Information Technology services to the Pharmaceutical industry. As a heavily regulated sector, pharmaceutical companies have very unique requirements for IT services. Because of the required compliances from various government agencies, the industry demands absolutely the best qualified IT services available. DEW Softech’s experts have worked on a very wide range of projects, from database and data warehouse management, programming, systems and network administration, to project management. DEW Softech consultants provided services to Bristol Myers Squibb, Private Formulations, Inc (PFI) and so on

The business value delivered by DEW Softech focus on crucial industry imperatives such as improving margins by enhancing internal productivity, and enabling better service levels by streamlining supply efficiency.

DEW Softech services includes :
  1. IT Assessment and Planning
  2. IT Infrastructure and Systems Integration
  3. Supply chain Optimization Solutions
  4. Production Planning and Optimization
  5. Warehouse and Inventory Management Systems
  6. Custom Application Development
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